Logs In The Fire

Don’t you love a cozy fire?  Whether it’s sitting around a fire pit outdoors or before an indoor fireplace, there is something about the bright, orange flames and the popping, crackling sound of the logs burning.  It’s soothing to feel its warmth.

Can you imagine what a fire would be like with only one log at a time?  It would quickly fade away into glowing embers and then lose its glimmer altogether.  Isn’t it much better to have several logs burning together?  The fire lasts longer.  The warmth from the fire is stronger.

It’s the same when we engage in fellowship.  We are reminded in Hebrews to assemble together.  We do so to learn from and encourage each other in order to walk strong in our Christian faith.  We were never meant to walk alone.  We were meant to walk in fellowship.

Throughout the New Testament we come upon this concept — fellowship.  So what is it?  First, let’s look at what it is not: it is not merely a group of people getting together; it is not people with likeminded interests.  Those two definitions are of community which is far different than fellowship.  Anyone can be a part of community because of their shared interests.  There are all sorts of clubs  or community events that anyone can join.  Not so in fellowship.

You see, the key component of fellowship is Jesus Christ.  People who unite in fellowship do so only because of the shared grace of Jesus.  Fellowship comes from the Greek word — koinonia.  It implies something far deeper than joining a community event.  It implies a joining together as one because of The One who has washed us all clean by His shed blood on the cross.  Those who believe and accept that Jesus died for them, and who ask for forgiveness of their sins, are the only ones who enter into koinonia.  A community club can be joined and membership given up at any time.  Those who enter koinonia have eternal membership.

It’s the most meaningful and exciting thing in the world to join koinonia — fellowship with each other because of Jesus making us one with Him.   We become a part of the body of Christ, working together to walk in the ways of Jesus, which are not grievous but joyful.  The Apostle Paul reminds us that a body cannot merely be an eye or an ear.  No, all the parts are needed to live properly.  Every member of Jesus must seek to always walk in koinonia.  We must not be a lone log burning in a fire.  We need the shared fellowship with other believers.  We need each others’ encouragement in the ways of God; thereby keeping our fires burning brightly together.

“This is His commandment: We must believe in the name of His Son, Jesus Christ, and love one another, just as He commanded us.  Those who obey God’s commandments live in fellowship with Him, and He with them.  And we know He lives in us because the Holy Spirit lives in us.”  I John 3:23-24


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