Coming Soon!

I set myself a goal this week to finish painting the back porch.  I had begun this task some weeks ago but had to stop midstream due to some work being done on our house.  A few days ago, things came to a point that allowed me to begin my own labors once again.

My mother had some errands to run and would be gone for most of the day.  I saw my chance and took it, painting non-stop, so wanting to complete the porch as a surprise to her.  I could imagine the look on her face and her sheer happiness at thoughts of enjoying morning coffee on her freshly painted back porch, and with everything back in good order. It was a pleasure dipping the brush in the paint and pulling it across the wood.  She would be coming soon.  Anticipation of her arrival thrilled me.

In the midst of my painting, a thought came to my mind.  Jesus is coming back soon.  It could be any minute, or any day, or any month, or any year.  We don’t know when, but we know He is indeed returning for us who know Him.  We are encouraged throughout God’s Word to be ready.  What does that mean?  To see Him will either be an event filled with great joy or mixed with thankfulness at His return coupled with shame in how we have been living.  If we are found walking in His ways, having kept our hearts and minds steadfast on Him, we will be joyful at His return.  On the other hand, if we have ignored His leading, paid no attention to His commandments, given no thought to living in holiness, then we will be filled with great shame.

Let’s be ready for His coming!  Let’s determine, like painting the back porch, to keep our lives clean, our minds focused on Him.  After all, there’s no earthy joy to compare to it, and the thrill at His return will be immeasurable.

In Revelation 22:12, Jesus speaks to those who belong to Him.  He says, “Look, I am coming soon, bringing my reward with me to repay all people according to their deeds.”

Let’s be ready!  Preparing for His arrival is an anticipation of jubilation and triumph!

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