The Lost Goose

A few days ago I was doing some work outside when I heard a familiar honking noise.  Immediately I knew it was a goose.  I love watching the Canadian Geese as they fly overhead in perfect V formation, honking happily as they go.  This time, however, there was no communal honking; it was just one lone goose.  Strange.  Going back to my work it was only a minute later when the honking returned.  Looking up I saw the goose flying back from where it had just come.  On three occasions, minutes apart, this goose flew back and forth.  To my heart’s relief, on the fourth flyover, there came an entire flock of those beautiful geese, honking away.  I never saw the lone goose again so I can only surmise it found the flock and joined in.

Do you know why they fly in V formation?  Do you know there is a purpose in the continual honking?  The head goose flaps and flaps, leading the others.  Of course, facing the winds head-on gets tiring.  When the head goose needs to rest, it drops back and one of the others takes its turn at the lead.  They all honk sporadically to let those at the front know that, “we’re right here behind you.”  It’s a way of encouraging the whole group.  I find nature fascinating just as I find it full of life’s lessons for us all.

Like the goose, there are times in our own lives when we are alone, but we never need face things on our own.  God made us a family, with Him as our Father.  When one of us gets tired, those around us rally with encouraging words and prayers as if honking in encouragements like, “you can do this,”  “your Heavenly Father leads the way so don’t give up,” “we share your grief,”  “we share your joy.”  Yes, as God created the goose to need another, so He created us to be a part of each other, too.  That’s why it’s vitally important to join together in worship and learning and sharing.

Solomon Wrote in Proverbs 27:17, “As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.”  I am thankful for all the “geese” in my life, both past and present.  You lift me up when I am down, you laugh when I laugh, and cry with me in sorrow.  You encourage me onwards and upwards; therefore, I fly.

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