One Of Those Days

So, I typed my blog yesterday ready to go but – it has disappeared. Other things on my computer have also vanished. Computers are great – as long as they work. They are technical monsters when they get a mind of their own.

I started to type another one but wifi connection is down. So now I’m sitting in McDonalds,  a cup of coffee nearby, writing my thoughts.  

My mother is understandably a little tense because another possible hurricane is headed our way. Irma tore up our roof and a tornado tore it a second time along with two trees and the garden shed. 

I feel a headache starting in my right eye. Yes, it’s one of those days but – I choose to dwell, not on my wayward computer, or the hurricane, or the headache. I choose to count my blessings: my health is good, I have a home, a car, family and friends. There are many sick and dying, homeless and hungry.

It’s one of those days of frustrations but also of continued blessing.  Signing off now. My coffee awaits – and a headache pill. I’m thankful I have one of those, too, to help ease away the tension.

It’s one of those days but Jesus is in the midst bringing peace in the storm.

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