Sobbing, they shouted, “Murdered?”

The young parents couldn’t speak.  Tears choked their words.  The nausea of shock rippled through their body.  Clinging to each other, the distraught mother and father trembled in a sorrow they had never known.  They cried together until numbness finally dulled their senses.

A true story.  A child was murdered.  Where was God when this tragedy took place?  Why doesn’t He stop the horrors of the world?

God created the world without evil.  Mankind chose, of their own free will, to walk a path that led to darkness.  Hence, today we suffer the consequences of a fallen world.  To all of God’s children, He promises His own hope, strength, and peace to get them through the tough and horrific times.

Children are always in God’s special care.  We know that because of something Jesus said in Matthew 18:10,  “Beware that you don’t look down on any of these little ones.  For I tell you that in heaven their angels are always in the presence of my heavenly Father.”  So here we have it: proof of guardian angels.  In the case of the devastating tragedy above, during those moments of approaching death to that little one, God’s angel was already wrapping arms around the child, whispering assurance, delivering the peace of God.  In a moment when the deed was done, the angel carried the little one straight to the arms of Jesus where the terror would not ever be thought of again, and only perfect heavenly joy would reign in that child’s heart for eternity.

Angels of help are God’s promise to us.  His Word tells us they are sent to “minister to us.”  They are not to be worshipped but appreciated before God.  They work according to the will of God.  We cannot see them but they are here among us, bringing God’s hope in this fallen, dark world.


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