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Have you ever heard, or perhaps said to yourself, that the New Testament is more important than the Old Testament?  Perhaps you’ve thought, as many have, that the Old Testament is a bit irrelevant and not applicable for today.  It’s easy to fall into that viewpoint, but in fact, there is great relevance and excitement to be found when we compare the Old Testament with the New Testament.  When we understand the Old, we begin to develop spiritual eyesight to glimpse the very majesty, perfection, and holiness of God in a manner we have never glimpsed before.  When we understand the Old, we see the New in a light of brighter understanding.  Naturally, that understanding affects the very way we live.

Take a look at the following.  It’s just a taste of God’s amazing design in His Holy inspiration to the writers of the Old and the New Testaments. Explore it for yourself; you will discover amazing facts.

A Few Truths of The Old Testament

The Old Testament shows us foundation: the origin of the universe and man, beginnings of sin, the birth of the Hebrew nation, and the purposes of God for the world.  From start to finish, the entire Bible reveals the heart of God which is endless and pure love.

It shows God’s preparations and purpose for His Son’s entry into the world.  Genesis indicates there are two seeds in the world — the seed of Satan and the seed of Christ. Genesis gives us a record, along with other Old Testament references, as to the ultimate downfall of Satan and his evil tactics.  Wonderfully, we also find records of what will happen in the end times before Jesus returns to bring  a new heaven and a new earth.

The Old Testament is a gallery of symbols and types that point us to Jesus. Did you know that every New Testament doctrine has an Old Testament illustration?  For example:

  • The Passover lamb of Exodus 12 is a picture of Jesus as the sacrifice for all mankind
    (John 1:29, I Cor. 5:7)
  • Jonah is a picture of the resurrection of Jesus
  • Anointing oil in the Old Testament is a picture of the Holy Spirit

The Old Testament is also filled with true-life stories of men and women following God, who both failed and succeeded because of their decisions.  Their examples show us the way in which we should go and the way in which we should not.

Keep in mind, too, whenever the Apostle Paul, Jesus, Peter, John and others in the New Testament made any reference to Scripture, they were referring to the Old Testament.  The New Testament had not yet been compiled.

Here’s something more that is very exciting:  Both the Old Testament and the New Testament have the same general structure:

  • Genesis – Esther of the Old Testament and Matthew – Acts of the New Testament give us a record of history.
  • Job – Song of Solomon of the Old Testament and Romans – Jude of the New Testament show us experiences in people’s lives.
  • Isaiah – Malachi of the Old Testament and Revelation of the New Testament reveal prophecy; some of which is happening in our world today.

Something else:

The Old Testament book of Genesis has its fulfillment in the New Testament book of Revelation.  Have a look:


Creation of heaven and earth –  chapter 1:1
Satan’s first attack on man – chapter 3:1ff
The sun to rule the day – chapter 1:16
Darkness and night – chapter 1:5
seas created – chapter 1:10
A river in the garden – chapter 2:10-14
A curse placed on man and nature – chapter 3:14-17
Man driven out of paradise – chapter 3:24
Tree of life taken from man – chapter 3:24
Nimrod rebels, founds Babylon – chapter 10:8-10
Marriage of Adam – chapter 2:18-23
Serpent’s doom promised – chapter 3:15


The new heaven and earth – chapter 21:1
Satan’s final attack – chapter 20:7-10
No need of the sun – chapter 21:23
No night – chapter 22:5
No more sea – chapter 21:1
The heavenly river of life – chapter 22:1-2
No more curse – chapter 22:3
Man restored to paradise – chapter 22:1ff
Tree of life open to man – chapter 22:14
Anti-Christ and Babylon judged – chapter 17-19
Marriage of the Lamb – chapter 19:6-9
The serpent’s doom accomplished – chapter 20:10

One final thought: The Old Testament points to the New Testament and the New Testament is the fulfillment of the Old Testament.

The better we understand the Old Testament, the more treasures of truth we uncover.  These truths are able to change our lives forever.

“For the word of God is full of living power.  It is sharper than the sharpest knife, cutting deep into our innermost thoughts and desires.  It exposes us for what we really are.”  Hebrews 4:12

“You must crave pure spiritual milk so that you can grow into the fullness of your salvation.  Cry out for this nourishment as a baby cries for milk, now that you have had  a taste of the Lord’s kindness.”  I Peter 2:2-3

Happy treasure hunting!

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