Knowing Your Identity

In this world we live in, proper identification of who you are is a must.   Picture ID’s are often required in banks, hotels, and other places of business.  Proving who you are is a must to keeping hold of your finances, your job opportunities, and your security.  Knowing who we are and proving who we are is key to stability in all our worldly affairs.

It is even more important in our spiritual world.  Our arch enemy, Satan, is always attempting to bring us down.  He tempts us, tells us lies about ourselves and others around us, and seeks to confuse us as to who we really are.  You see, if we keep our minds concentrated on the truth, that the same Holy Spirit who raised Jesus from the dead is the same Holy Spirit who inhabits our being, then that is cause for Satan and his kingdom to tremble.  We have nothing to fear; Satan does, when we know who we are.

Apostle Paul wrote in Galations 2:20, “My old self has been crucified with Christ.  It is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me.  So I live in this earthly body by trusting in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me.”  When you and I remember our identification in Christ, then we also know from whom comes our power to conquer anything, to stand strong against temptations that would cause us harm, to move in peace when the world is swirling in storms of confusion, and grappling with all manner of madness that we see daily on any news channel.  When we know who we are; that our lives are hidden with Christ in God, then we walk forward in God’s strength.  We reason with God’s wisdom.  We make decisions with God’s guidance.  We hold our heads up courageously, no matter the name calling others may slander us with, all because we know who we are — children of the Most High.  Sons and daughters with a most amazing heavenly inheritance.

When we know who we are, there is no emotional onslaught that we cannot walk through in absolute victory because we know that “with God nothing shall be impossible.”   Luke 1:37.

Therefore, be courageous.  Be victorious.  Know who you are.

2 Comments on “Knowing Your Identity

  1. Dear Vickie J Blair, your words are always wise and encouraging. Your strength is in the faith that I have not or maybe I had and I lost. After a long reflection, I gave a name to my suffering: betrayal. After so many “betrayals”, I no longer trust anyone and I am increasingly isolated from everyone. For years I’ve been working on myself to understand who I am, with no result and continuing to be only what others wanted me to be …..

    • My dear Ornella, I understand what you are saying. People let us down. People I have trusted for years betrayed me too. It hurts, but when I look to Jesus, I know He will never betray me. He loves me just as I am and helps me to be better. He gives me hope always. I am praying for you dear Ornella. If you don’t understand who you are, maybe it’s time to find your identity in the heavenly One who loves you deeply.

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