Hanging On, But Strength Fading

As I lay still in the darkness of night, a sweet serenity filled my senses, and it was all just a dream, so vivid.  I lay there in my bed thanking Jesus for the dream.  I asked Him to let me remember and apply what I saw.  The dream came to me just a few nights ago.  I share it with you now along with prayers that it blesses you, too.

A woman was standing at the bottom of a formidable precipice of white rock.  She was dressed in rock climbing gear.  A length of nylon rope was looped around one shoulder.  Needed equipment hung in a utility belt around her waist.  She took her first spike and hammered it into the rock.  Carefully and with precision she pulled herself up, hammering spikes into the rock as she climbed.  I had the definite impression that she was an experienced rock climber.

It was a climb filled with both ease and struggle, but nothing slowed her.  She did not give up.  Never once did she look down.  Her concentration was on the work at hand.  As she neared the top of the cliff, completion in reach, her foot slipped.  She tightened her grip onto the spike she had just hammered into the rock and moved her leg to find a proper hold for her foot.  Nothing.  Suddenly both legs were swinging about.  With all her strength she hung onto the spike with her left hand, her right hand feeling in desperation to find a hold of something in the rock.  She found nothing.

She looked down.  A strange fear took hold.  Her entire body was dangling by one grasp of her hand around a spike in the rock.  It was as if she had resigned herself to her fate, as if she knew in just a moment she would let go and fall to her death, but no!  She hears a voice call out, “Look at me!  Look at me!”  She looks up and a man is laying on his stomach with an arm stretched down.  “Take my hand!”  She starts to look down again but the man quickly shouts, “Don’t look down!  Look at me!  Look at me!”  She does.  She sees the man with his arm extended and realises there is hope.  Perhaps she won’t fall after all.  Perhaps this man can save her. “You must look at me!” the man continues to call out.  There is both an urgency and calmness to his voice.

Her determination now changes from finding her own way up, or giving up entirely, to completely trusting this man.  She locks her eyes into his as she swings her free arm up. The man takes hold.  He continues to call out, “Just look at me.”  In moments she is safely at the top of the cliff.  She trembles.  Her head hangs low as she catches her breath.  She looks up to thank the man and realises who just saved her.  It’s Jesus.

“Where did you come from?” she asks Him.

“I was watching you all along,” He replies.  “I’m always with you, but you must keep looking at me.  No matter what happens, always look at me.”

I then woke up with the verse II Corinthians 12:9 in my mind. “My grace is all you need.  My power works best in weakness.”  You and I may think we are strong and experienced, but let us never forget, no matter how many mountains we’ve climbed, we must always, “…keep our eyes on Jesus, the champion who initiates and perfects our faith.”  Hebrews 12:2

Look at Him.  No matter what happens — always look at Him.



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  1. This is such an inspired word for many of us who are struggling to hold on and have forgotten to look into the eyes of the Saviour.

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