Nothing too small

Many of you will have heard that our dog, Jack, ended up in the hospital this week. A friend in America had shared that her dog was unwell and also in the hospital. I’m happy to report that both Jack, and friend’s dog, Sophie, are both back home and on the mend. All those who love fur babies will understand the angst that arises when our much loved, four-legged, family members are unwell. It’s sad to me because we can’t explain to our pets what is happening. We can’t assure them that we are leaving them in the hospital for their own good. We can’t explain what their physical problems are that cause such pain and discomfort. They just stare with bewildered eyes, trusting us, waiting for us to come back.

During this week’s concern, my mother and I so appreciated knowing that people were praying for Jack. In America, Sophie’s family were just as thankful in assurances of prayers going up for their sweet, little fur baby. It would be easy in such situations to question if asking for prayer is really the thing to do. After all, we may reason, it’s just animals; why, there are far greater worries going on in the world.

Have you ever wondered if praying for seemingly little things is right to do? Making comparisons on situations deemed important or insignificant is human nature. However, that will never work because what is measured as important to one person may well be counted as a trifle to another. This is where, in the big or the small, we must travel beyond our human reasoning and look to the supernatural.

The Holy Spirit speaks into our soul, which is our mind; reminding us of the supernatural book of wisdom — God’s own Word. Does it surprise you to think of the Bible as supernatural? II Timothy 3:16 tells us, “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God…” The phrase, “given by inspiration” is the Greek word THEOPNEUSTOS. THEO means “God” while PNEUSTOS means “spirit or wind or breath.” Therefore, the literal translation is “God-breathed.” That is supernatural. Every Word of God of is supernatural. That’s powerful!

Keeping in mind the above thought — is anything too insignificant to pray about — we can look into the supernatural, powerful, all truth, Word of God. A simple but wonderfully comforting Word is found in I Peter 5:7, “Give all your worries and cares to God, for He cares about you.” The word “all” means exactly what it implies; it means everything, whether considered big or little. When your heart hurts, He cares. When you shed a tear, He cares. When you have worries piling up in your imagination of the very worst that could happen, He cares.

When difficulties and worries come, never measure its significance. Just know, God’s Word is supernaturally inspired with truth, comfort, and love. His Word emphatically declares — He cares.

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