Tag: II Timothy 3:16

Knowing The Truth

I overheard a conversation between two people sharing a difference of opinion. They debated back and forth until the conversation ended with one saying to the other, “You have your truth and I have my truth.” That made me think of what is indeed… Continue Reading “Knowing The Truth”

Strong Together

I traveled back in time this week. In my memories I was twelve years old again. My sister and I, along with two cousins, were squashed together in the back seat of the car. My aunt was driving and my mother was in the… Continue Reading “Strong Together”

Nothing too small

Many of you will have heard that our dog, Jack, ended up in the hospital this week. A friend in America had shared that her dog was unwell and also in the hospital. I’m happy to report that both Jack, and friend’s dog, Sophie,… Continue Reading “Nothing too small”

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