Doesn’t It Make Sense?

In the Old Testament books of Genesis and Jeremiah, there are nearly identical verses that asks the question, “Is anything too hard for the Lord?” In Genesis the words are spoken in regard to the promise that Sarah and Abraham would have a son even though they were both old and well past child bearing. In Jeremiah the words are spoken in regard to Israel’s abandonment of God, their punishment, and the promise that when they came back to God they would be blessed again. Nothing is too hard for God, and He keeps His promises to us, even when we know we don’t deserve it.

Think about this: You and I may make a promise of some sort to God, but it’s not surprising to us when we break that promise. You and I may make a plan, knowing it will succeed, but it’s no surprise to us if the plan fails. You and I may set out to overcome something in our own strength, believing that all will be well, but it’s no surprise to us if we find ourselves weak, unable to achieve what we set out to do. We fail often — God never does.

Therefore, doesn’t it make sense that in hard times we look to God, asking for His guidance? Doesn’t it make sense that we read His Words and follow His instructions? After all, we know His Words are without mistake. Doesn’t it make sense to tell Him all of our troubles? Doesn’t it make sense to make God our first port of call when our ship is in a storm? Doesn’t it make sense to worship Him in our most difficult of moments, just because we know He is God who loves us more than we can measure? Doesn’t it make sense to trust Him in the dark when we can see no way out, because He promised in Jeremiah 29:11, “I know the plans I have for you, plans for good and not bad, to give you hope and a future?” Doesn’t it make sense to climb into our Father’s lap and cuddle up in His comfort? Why would we want to do anything else or be anywhere else in times of trouble when He loves us, and when we know that nothing is too hard for Him?

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