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When We “think Carefully”

I’ve been reading in the New Testament book of Hebrews this week. I’m in the midst of “thinking carefully” as mentioned in chapter three. We see this phrase in the very first verse of this chapter, “Dear brothers and sisters who belong to God… Continue Reading “When We “think Carefully””

Lifted Out of Despair

So many of you reading this will already know the sad news my mother and I received this week — our sweet dog, Jack, has cancer in his jaw. Thankfully he is unaware and gives no evidence of being in any pain whatsoever. He… Continue Reading “Lifted Out of Despair”

Anchor of Hope

I recently read the story of a young man who left Europe for America. He spoke several languages and possessed business skills. Desiring a new adventure he set out to bring his dream to fruition. Right from the beginning he found work. In just… Continue Reading “Anchor of Hope”

Doesn’t It Make Sense?

In the Old Testament books of Genesis and Jeremiah, there are nearly identical verses that asks the question, “Is anything too hard for the Lord?” In Genesis the words are spoken in regard to the promise that Sarah and Abraham would have a son… Continue Reading “Doesn’t It Make Sense?”

Holding Jack’s Bone

This morning as I’m enjoying my morning mug of delicious hot coffee, Jack is engaged in vigorous chewing of a new bone he received yesterday.  His scraping of teeth on bone fills the room.  I even had to turn the TV volume up to… Continue Reading “Holding Jack’s Bone”

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