When We “think Carefully”

I’ve been reading in the New Testament book of Hebrews this week. I’m in the midst of “thinking carefully” as mentioned in chapter three. We see this phrase in the very first verse of this chapter, “Dear brothers and sisters who belong to God and are partners with those called to heaven, think carefully about this Jesus whom we declare to be God’s Messenger and High Priest.” In the original Greek it is the word KATANOEIN. It doesn’t mean to simply mull over something; rather, to give earnest attention in order to learn and understand.

Therefore, just in this one verse we gain tremendous encouragement. When we “think carefully” or give earnest attention to the fact that Jesus calls us His brothers and sisters, we are reminded of our special place in God’s own family. We belong to Him. Nothing will ever change that for us. We are God’s sons and daughters with eternal inheritance of all His riches in Heaven. When we “think carefully” about that, we can’t help but be joyfully humbled at what He has done for us. Being a part of God’s family gives us hope when despair tries to take over. It gives us the joy of belonging. It gives us a serenity that cannot compare to any other peace this world may give.

Next, when we “think carefully” giving earnest attention to the fact that we are partners in the family business, we aim to bring glory to Jesus by the way we live our lives, and why wouldn’t we want to do this when we “think carefully” about all He has done for us? We never deserved it, but Jesus loved us so much He made a way to make us His family, by paying for our own sins in the death of His own body. Then, He conquered death by rising to life again! Since Jesus conquered death, and since we belong in His family, we are also promised to conquer death, rising again to live with Him for eternity.

When we “think carefully” about being in God’s family, we also have a compelling desire to bring others into the family, that they, too, may know the same height of joy and hope that bubbles within us. When we give earnest attention to the fact that Jesus is God’s Messenger, sent to bring the Good News that forgiveness of all sin and promise of eternal life with Him is ours for the asking, then encouragement takes root as we realize afresh His great love for us.

When we “think carefully” about Jesus being our High Priest, what comfort we gain in facing all our trials, because as our High Priest, Jesus represents us to His Father. Our faith increases in the knowledge that nothing is too hard for God. He will be our constant help. He becomes our everything to get us through anything. When we receive Jesus, nothing can ever separate us from Him. We are His family forever. Therefore, we all, brothers and sisters of Jesus, empowered with the Holy Spirit, children of God our Father, take each day, whatever it brings to us, with God’s own strength and courage.

We are God’s family. All His peace and strength and courage and joy belongs to us. “Think carefully” about these things and rejoice.

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