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Anchor of Hope

I recently read the story of a young man who left Europe for America. He spoke several languages and possessed business skills. Desiring a new adventure he set out to bring his dream to fruition. Right from the beginning he found work. In just… Continue Reading “Anchor of Hope”

A Chimney in the fog

I love weather, all the seasons of the year, sunshine, rain, snow. That being said, even I am now tired of rain, rain, and more rain. Fields are large puddles of water. Mud is sticky. I watch other dog walkers. They, like Jack and… Continue Reading “A Chimney in the fog”

Caught In A Storm

I recently watched a television program about the Orkney Islands.  These islands are located just north of mainland Scotland.  The program told of the raging waves of the sea that had broken ships apart throughout history.  As I listened, my thoughts went to the… Continue Reading “Caught In A Storm”

A Calm On The High Seas

I’ve recently had an experience of high winds and waves while travelling on a ship.  Wonderfully and thankfully, there were no sea sick feelings.  I even managed to have sailor legs and keep my balance, although at times, the slight rocking and tilting from… Continue Reading “A Calm On The High Seas”

Surrounded By Zebras And Wildebeests

In times of great stress, we yearn for tranquility, for an absence of anything hostile.  In its place we hope for a situation that is void of whatever it is that is bringing upheaval to our emotions.  We tell ourselves that if somehow an… Continue Reading “Surrounded By Zebras And Wildebeests”

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