Caught In A Storm

I recently watched a television program about the Orkney Islands.  These islands are located just north of mainland Scotland.  The program told of the raging waves of the sea that had broken ships apart throughout history.  As I listened, my thoughts went to the story of Jesus in a boat during a storm.  It’s recorded in Luke 8:22-25.

Jesus and his disciples were sailing across the Sea of Galilee.  They had been touring towns in the area where Jesus ministered and taught God’s truths.  On the day they set sail to cross the lake, Jesus went below to take a nap.  While He was sleeping a storm swept upon them.  I have been told that storms on Galilee can come with no warning.  Strong winds come down swiftly from nearby mountains to create great swells across the water.

On the occasion Jesus was asleep in the boat, such a raging storm engulfed them.  Many of the disciples were professional fishermen.  They knew the water and how to sail in all conditions.  However, this storm was so fierce that even these experienced sailors  became afraid.  They woke up Jesus. I’m guessing, by their words to Him, that they were astonished He was still asleep. They shouted, “Were going to drown!”  At that moment, Jesus went up to see the storm and rebuked both the wind and waves.  Immediately all was calm. Naturally the men in the boat were astonished.

Remember, when we read all the stories of Jesus’ activity on earth, He was illustrating to us spiritual truths.  In the story above, He was not merely saving them from a physical storm, He was showing them, and us who would read the stories through the centuries, that He is always there.  When winds of change come into our personal worlds, Jesus is in the midst.  When waves of doubt or fear wash through our thoughts, Jesus is in the midst.  Whether financial uncertainty, relationship pain, job insecurity, or health scare, Jesus is in the midst.  Where Jesus is, there is calm to overcome our fear.

Whatever storm you may be fighting today, may you take comfort in knowing, Jesus commands the winds and the waves of our troubling world.  Jesus is in the midst.

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