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What Do You Want?

There is an interesting story found in Luke 18:35-42. We read that Jesus was going on His way and a crowd was following. Imagine the noise. People talking among themselves, hundreds of feet shuffling forward, sounds of laughter and varying levels of conversation. In… Continue Reading “What Do You Want?”

Surrounded By Zebras And Wildebeests

In times of great stress, we yearn for tranquility, for an absence of anything hostile.  In its place we hope for a situation that is void of whatever it is that is bringing upheaval to our emotions.  We tell ourselves that if somehow an… Continue Reading “Surrounded By Zebras And Wildebeests”

Everyone Goes Through Something

Our friends from the UK are having their last week with us before returning to the UK tomorrow.  This week we took them to the Smokey Mountains.  While there, we took a day to spend at Dollywood, which was hosting their annual Gospel Singing… Continue Reading “Everyone Goes Through Something”

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