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Lifted Out of Despair

So many of you reading this will already know the sad news my mother and I received this week — our sweet dog, Jack, has cancer in his jaw. Thankfully he is unaware and gives no evidence of being in any pain whatsoever. He… Continue Reading “Lifted Out of Despair”

Thoughts On Thanksgiving Day

Yesterday, Americans around the world celebrated Thanksgiving Day. It’s a favorite holiday among many. There’s traditional turkey and dressing with cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, and a variety of other foods to cover the table. We meet with family and friends to enjoy the feast.… Continue Reading “Thoughts On Thanksgiving Day”

An Unwanted Flight Plan

Some years ago now, my flight from Central Asia had just landed in Istanbul. I had been up since 3:00am. It was now midday. My next flight was scheduled to leave in just an hour and a half, but no, that flight had been… Continue Reading “An Unwanted Flight Plan”

Washing Duvets

Our dog, Jack, if I do say so myself, has truly landed on his feet by coming to live with my mother and me.  From dismal beginnings as a homeless puppy in a ditch, to a life of morning peanut butter sticks, daily nutritional… Continue Reading “Washing Duvets”

What Comes In The Morning

“…If you are walking in darkness, without a ray of light, trust the Lord and rely on your God.”  Isaiah 50:10 I find a great comfort in this verse simply because it acknowledges that Christians can get discouraged.  There are times when one can… Continue Reading “What Comes In The Morning”

When Your World Caves In

Have you ever been in that place when, whatever can go wrong, does. Events can happen in our lives that leave us swimming in sorrow. We are fighting against the current. We don’t know where to turn to go back into our worlds where… Continue Reading “When Your World Caves In”

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