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Thoughts On Thanksgiving Day

Yesterday, Americans around the world celebrated Thanksgiving Day. It’s a favorite holiday among many. There’s traditional turkey and dressing with cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, and a variety of other foods to cover the table. We meet with family and friends to enjoy the feast.… Continue Reading “Thoughts On Thanksgiving Day”

That Empty Chair At Christmas

Earlier this week I read an excerpt from the book, Becoming A Woman At Peace. It read, “A few years ago, an experiment was conducted in which professional actors spent a day working on one of two scenes — either an upbeat one or… Continue Reading “That Empty Chair At Christmas”

Half Full or Half Empty

We’ve all, no doubt, heard that saying about seeing life as a glass half empty or half full. It seems that most of us are prone to either a positive or negative outlook. To take an example from Winnie The Pooh, some people are… Continue Reading “Half Full or Half Empty”

Cleaning Out The Closet

I wonder how many reading this have an attic or a basement or a spare room that’s full of — just stuff! It’s easy to fill a room to a point, that in no time at all, it’s so full that we can’t even… Continue Reading “Cleaning Out The Closet”

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