Tag: Philippians 4:8

That Empty Chair At Christmas

Earlier this week I read an excerpt from the book, Becoming A Woman At Peace. It read, “A few years ago, an experiment was conducted in which professional actors spent a day working on one of two scenes — either an upbeat one or… Continue Reading “That Empty Chair At Christmas”

Half Full or Half Empty

We’ve all, no doubt, heard that saying about seeing life as a glass half empty or half full. It seems that most of us are prone to either a positive or negative outlook. To take an example from Winnie The Pooh, some people are… Continue Reading “Half Full or Half Empty”

Cleaning Out The Closet

I wonder how many reading this have an attic or a basement or a spare room that’s full of — just stuff! It’s easy to fill a room to a point, that in no time at all, it’s so full that we can’t even… Continue Reading “Cleaning Out The Closet”

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