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Laughter — A Wonderful Gift

Have you ever been driving along when an unprovoked memory of something funny pops into your thoughts; then you chuckle softly before it all turns into roaring laughter? I read an anecdote earlier this week which made me laugh, but several times since then… Continue Reading “Laughter — A Wonderful Gift”

It’s Good to Laugh

God created us to express emotions. We feel and express sadness, anger, perplexity, surprise, joy, and humor. My grandmother passed away when I was only seventeen, but I vividly remember her sense of humor. She died of cancer and was often in great pain.… Continue Reading “It’s Good to Laugh”

Half Full or Half Empty

We’ve all, no doubt, heard that saying about seeing life as a glass half empty or half full. It seems that most of us are prone to either a positive or negative outlook. To take an example from Winnie The Pooh, some people are… Continue Reading “Half Full or Half Empty”

What I Did To My Mother

Many of you reading this will know that earlier this week my mother had a fall.  Her legs just quit working properly.  As it turned out, she was having a severe reaction to a medicinal drug she was taking.  It’s been 72 hours since… Continue Reading “What I Did To My Mother”

Have A Good Laugh

You know how it is, when at times throughout any given day, some funny memory of long ago will pop into your mind and you begin to laugh? I have been caught laughing while walking by myself down the street.  What curious looks I… Continue Reading “Have A Good Laugh”

Trying Not To Laugh

You know how it is when you’re in a public place and something funny happens, but it’s inappropriate to laugh?  Well, that happened to me the other day.  I’m on a bus traveling from one African city to another.  That in itself is a… Continue Reading “Trying Not To Laugh”

To Laugh And Laugh And Laugh Some More

So, there I am in my car. I’m driving to my destination. My mind wanders, and I have no idea why, but a particular incident that had happened some time ago, surfaced from my memory file. As I recalled the incident, which was extremely… Continue Reading “To Laugh And Laugh And Laugh Some More”

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