Laughter — A Wonderful Gift

Have you ever been driving along when an unprovoked memory of something funny pops into your thoughts; then you chuckle softly before it all turns into roaring laughter? I read an anecdote earlier this week which made me laugh, but several times since then it has come back to me, prompting much giggling.

There have been medical studies concerning laughter. It helps reduce stress, relieve pain, increase immunity and provides an overall sense of well-being. Of course, God has revealed that to us already. In Proverbs 17:22 we read, “A cheerful heart is a good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” Many years ago a friend said to me that no matter what, she looks for something to laugh about everyday. “Just makes you feel better,” she told me.

I can remember being with someone after she had received some heartbreaking news. We talked and cried together. Then, in the midst of the overwhelming sadness, something rather funny took place. We smiled, then chuckled, then all laughter broke out! When we calmed ourselves my friend said, “Oh, I needed that.” It did indeed give her a needed break in her emotions, a lifting of her spirit.

We are able to laugh because God made us that way. Remember, we are created in His image. Can’t you imagine Jesus laughing with His disciples, perhaps exchanging funny fishing stories, or teasing one another? I have a feeling there was much laughter going on around the campfire. The ability to laugh is a wonderful gift God has given to each one of us. Oh, what was that funny story that has kept me laughing all week? It’s just a silly thing but I hope it makes you laugh, too. Then, thank God for such a wonderful ability He has given us. Here is the story:

“A woman woke up one morning and only had three hairs. She looked into the mirror and said, ‘I think I’ll braid my hair today,’ and went happily on her way. The following morning she awoke and only had two hairs. ‘Today I will part my hair down the middle,’ she stated, and again went happily on her way. The next morning she awoke and only had one hair left. ‘I think I’ll wear my hair in a ponytail today,’ she said, and of course, went happily on her way. The fourth morning she awoke and had no hair at all on her head. ‘How blessed I am,’ she said. I was running out of ways to do my hair.'” An example of laughter — an example of attitude. May something in your day make you laugh today.

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  1. I needed that today. Thank you my friend. God truly blessed me when Ernie and Chris introduced you to me. Lederle

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