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Laughter — A Wonderful Gift

Have you ever been driving along when an unprovoked memory of something funny pops into your thoughts; then you chuckle softly before it all turns into roaring laughter? I read an anecdote earlier this week which made me laugh, but several times since then… Continue Reading “Laughter — A Wonderful Gift”

What I Did To My Mother

Many of you reading this will know that earlier this week my mother had a fall.  Her legs just quit working properly.  As it turned out, she was having a severe reaction to a medicinal drug she was taking.  It’s been 72 hours since… Continue Reading “What I Did To My Mother”

Have A Good Laugh

You know how it is, when at times throughout any given day, some funny memory of long ago will pop into your mind and you begin to laugh? I have been caught laughing while walking by myself down the street.  What curious looks I… Continue Reading “Have A Good Laugh”

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