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Have A Good Laugh

You know how it is, when at times throughout any given day, some funny memory of long ago will pop into your mind and you begin to laugh? I have been caught laughing while walking by myself down the street.  What curious looks I… Continue Reading “Have A Good Laugh”

To Laugh And Laugh And Laugh Some More

So, there I am in my car. I’m driving to my destination. My mind wanders, and I have no idea why, but a particular incident that had happened some time ago, surfaced from my memory file. As I recalled the incident, which was extremely… Continue Reading “To Laugh And Laugh And Laugh Some More”

Laughter In The Aisles

I went to the store this week to purchase a few items.  While walking down one of the aisles I came across a father and his teenage son.  They had taken something from a shelf to look at it.  I didn’t pay attention to… Continue Reading “Laughter In The Aisles”

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