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Heavy Bags of Burden

I recall a few years ago watching a young woman at the airport pulling a suitcase with one hand, holding another bag in the other, and toting a backpack. She was bent forward to balance the load on her back while clutching to her… Continue Reading “Heavy Bags of Burden”

Ordered and Dispatched

Since the covid crisis began, my mother and I, like many of you, have done more online ordering than ever before. We both made such an order this week. Shortly after placing our request we received an email notification stating acknowledgement and dispatch. “Your… Continue Reading “Ordered and Dispatched”

“Oh no!” said Jack

This morning Jack, our dog, and I were taking our first walk of the day. It was 6:00am. I like that time of the morning. It’s still quiet from human activity as we walk around the neighborhood. Seagulls are swooping, calling out greetings to… Continue Reading ““Oh no!” said Jack”

Holding Jack’s Bone

This morning as I’m enjoying my morning mug of delicious hot coffee, Jack is engaged in vigorous chewing of a new bone he received yesterday.  His scraping of teeth on bone fills the room.  I even had to turn the TV volume up to… Continue Reading “Holding Jack’s Bone”

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