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What Happened in the Lion’s Den?

Heavy Bags of Burden

I recall a few years ago watching a young woman at the airport pulling a suitcase with one hand, holding another bag in the other, and toting a backpack. She was bent forward to balance the load on her back while clutching to her… Continue Reading “Heavy Bags of Burden”

The Happy Calf

The solid black calf with a white face is the cutest thing as my mother and I watch it daily frolicking about.  His happiness shows with his running circles around his mother or racing ahead as the herd goes marching on.  This was not… Continue Reading “The Happy Calf”

In Father’s Own Words

Here we are once again; seeing one year out and a new one in.  Have you made new year’s resolutions?  Are you wondering what the new year holds?  We all like to dream and try to imagine what the months ahead will bring to… Continue Reading “In Father’s Own Words”

It’s The Little Things

I know we all have big things in life that irritate us to the hilt and we have little things in life that irritate us just as much.  For me, for some reason, it seems to me more of the little things.  A dear… Continue Reading “It’s The Little Things”

In The Presence Of Jack’s Enemies

Our puppy, Jack, has now been with us for three weeks.  The first week I discovered that he was afraid of loud noises.  I cranked up the riding lawn mower; he took off, tail tucked, giving me a look over his shoulder that said,… Continue Reading “In The Presence Of Jack’s Enemies”

I Will Fear No Thunder For Thou Art With Me

It’s  been awhile since I’ve shared a story about Kitty, our partially blind cat, who lives on our enclosed front porch.  She is happy in her little world.  She is safe there; well, until it thunders.  Then, Kitty isn’t so certain of her protection.… Continue Reading “I Will Fear No Thunder For Thou Art With Me”

In The Presence Of Enemies

To me, one of the worst sounds is a cat fight. The high pitched screams can make my skin crawl. To see the fight, a wild tumble of fur and claw, adds to the terror of the moment! Such a terrible sound came to… Continue Reading “In The Presence Of Enemies”

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