Tag: the comfort of God

Arms of The Shepherd

Just yesterday I witnessed something that made me think about the space in our being that needs to be filled with peace; some call it a hole in the heart that aches to know comfort and joy when something unpleasant strikes. What I saw… Continue Reading “Arms of The Shepherd”

Looking Back

I find it interesting to observe our dog, Jack, on his daily explorations. He runs ahead, whether in the woods, open fields, or along the beach. He sniffs here and there and lopes on in great happiness. He regularly glances back to see where… Continue Reading “Looking Back”

Just Not Hungry

Have you ever thought it’s meal time, but you just weren’t hungry? Even so, you took a bite of something and ummmmm so good you had to have more? We’ve no doubt all had those moments. Sometimes we may want to eat, but we… Continue Reading “Just Not Hungry”

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