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The Illusionist

Recently I was reading an article about an illusionist. The journalist interviewing him tried to ply him for the secret of a certain illusion. Of course, the entertainer was not going to reveal his methods. Such a revelation would ruin his act. Many years… Continue Reading “The Illusionist”

Just Not Hungry

Have you ever thought it’s meal time, but you just weren’t hungry? Even so, you took a bite of something and ummmmm so good you had to have more? We’ve no doubt all had those moments. Sometimes we may want to eat, but we… Continue Reading “Just Not Hungry”

The Bird That Landed On My Head

It had rained in the night.  Our dog, Jack, and I were taking our first walk of the day.  It was still dark; a time of day appreciated for its quietness, our footsteps led by the pale light of nearby lampposts.  Thoughts of the… Continue Reading “The Bird That Landed On My Head”

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