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Living or Dying

Christians throughout the ages have various testimonies in challenging times. Some have stood strong even in the face of persecution, and God has delivered them. A Biblical example is Daniel when he was thrown into the lion’s den and came out unharmed. Other Christians… Continue Reading “Living or Dying”

Tumbling Down The Roof

Every Spring and Summer my mother and I enjoy watching a pair of seagulls who live on the roof across the street. We watch them build their nest, always amazed at how it stays on the roof no matter winds and rain that come.… Continue Reading “Tumbling Down The Roof”

Just Not Hungry

Have you ever thought it’s meal time, but you just weren’t hungry? Even so, you took a bite of something and ummmmm so good you had to have more? We’ve no doubt all had those moments. Sometimes we may want to eat, but we… Continue Reading “Just Not Hungry”

Jack Wants A Tummy Rub

It can happen at any moment with no pre-warning. Jack just comes up to me, extends his paw to my arm and gently pulls. Jack wants a tummy rub. I comply. I don’t mind. In fact, it endears him to me even more, touching… Continue Reading “Jack Wants A Tummy Rub”

Lost and Found

Last week I got myself into a panic!  I own something that is very precious to me, which for a moment, I thought I had lost.  One item is a necklace that two people gave to me a few years ago.  Another item is… Continue Reading “Lost and Found”

Traveling In The Dark

I enjoy reading about the origins of words and phrases; for example, do you know the origin of the phrase, “good night, sleep tight?”  In times past, there were no box springs as we have today.  The mattress would lay across a myriad of… Continue Reading “Traveling In The Dark”

What Does A Thief Want?

It stands to reason that a thief would never attempt to rob anyone who had nothing of value.  Breaking and entering only takes place because the thief wants the something of value that you possess.  John 10:10 informs us of two things:  First, it… Continue Reading “What Does A Thief Want?”

God’s Circle Of Truth

Have you ever found yourself in a tough spot; it seems there’s no way out, and you find yourself wondering, why isn’t God helping me? You certainly wouldn’t be alone if those thoughts have entered your mind. It can be hard to understand why… Continue Reading “God’s Circle Of Truth”

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