Tumbling Down The Roof

Every Spring and Summer my mother and I enjoy watching a pair of seagulls who live on the roof across the street. We watch them build their nest, always amazed at how it stays on the roof no matter winds and rain that come. Then we watch them take turns sitting on the nest. Finally the day arrives when a little chick is hatched. This year, to our absolute delight, the seagulls had triplets! It must be unusual because the triplets have caught the attention of others in the neighborhood who come to watch and take photos.

Two days ago, while I was out taking our dog, Jack, for a walk, my mother witnessed a scary event. She was watching the chicks step cautiously about, when all of a sudden, one loses its footing and begins to tumble down the roof! My mother said she gasped in horror, fully expecting the poor chick to fall to the ground, but just then, one of the parents swooped quickly below, blocking the fall with its body. For several moments the parent sat, no doubt comforting, and waiting for the baby to regain its footing. Then together they walked back up to the nest where the chick climbed into safety.

My mother had not seen the parent seagulls anywhere. She assumed they were out gathering dinner for their babies, but somehow, though presently unseen, at least one had been near enough to come to the rescue just in the nick of time.

In our spiritual worlds, it is no different for every child of God. There are moments in our lives when perhaps we feel alone. We are going through something and who can help us? We feel we are tumbling into inescapable despair. Take heart, our Father is always there, unseen, but there, watching over, preparing our meal to eat in the presence of any enemy, ready to lead us into His shelter of calm peace and sweet joy.

Do you remember the comment Jesus once made when He stood looking back at the city of Jerusalem? Luke 13:34 tells us. He said, “Oh Jerusalem, Jerusalem…how often I have wanted to gather your children together as a hen protects her chicks beneath her wings, but you wouldn’t let me.” Let us be certain at all times to keep our minds stayed on Him and His ways. After all, our Father knows the road on which we travel, He knows the dangers that lurk, He is watching, not some of the time, but all of the time. Never fear to do what He asks or to follow the way in which He leads. He is there and will swoop in to keep you from tumbling off the roof of fear. He will shelter you in His arms, helping to strengthen you; then together, you will walk on in the way He has planned, and nestle in His peace.

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