A Wild Ride

I read a verse this week in Matthew 28:20. It says, “…And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” When I read the verse, a strong memory of long ago popped into my mind. I had been visiting a friend in southeast Alabama in the United States. She lived in the country with acres of land. She also owned and rode a motorcycle. “Hop on,” she said, “I’ll take you for a ride.” The idea sounded like lots of fun so I eagerly took my place on the seat behind her. Away we went. It was not a gentle ride.

We drove over bumps that lifted me off the seat. “Jaaaane!” I yelled. “You’re alright,” she called back, “just hang on.” We drove through open fields and into a grove of trees. Then we were on the open road. We went around curves where I felt my body tilting nearer the road. Once again I yelled, “Jaaane!” Again she called back, “You’re alright. Just hang on.” We rode for miles between the towns of Banks and Brundidge, and then off the road and into the woods, riding along the banks of Pea River. By this time I had stopped yelling and kept doing exactly as I had been instructed to do — I hung on!

After the woods ride we hit the road again and made our way back to her house. By that time, to my surprise and relief, the fear had subsided. When we went around curves I sensed that all would be well. When my body left the seat as we hit another bump on the the dirt track that led back to her home, I didn’t yell in fright for my life. After all, thus far in our journey, her instructions had been true. I was alright as long as I hung on. The wild ride would not be my last. Jane was in the driver’s seat. She was in control. Hanging onto the driver, I would be just fine.

Isn’t it like that in our spiritual world? The way God plans for us is sometimes bumpy. We feel we will fall to our peril. Danger lurks. We can sense it waiting to strike. We look ahead and the way is dark! Surely we will crash! We cry out in our fear and dread — then we hear a gentle, assuring voice call back — “Be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Our heavenly Father has designed the way. He is already aware of every curve yet to come, of every bump in the road that could send us flying off, but He knows perfectly well, we will be alright if we just keep hanging on.

Our Heavenly Driver will not leave us. He knows where He is going. He knows the lay of the land. He knows every danger and He is stronger than any hazard. He is with us always. He is in control. Trusting His leading will make us stronger. Cling to Him with all your might. His strength will melt into your being and bring you peace. It may be a wild ride but — you’ll be alright. Just hang on.

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