Jack Wants A Tummy Rub

It can happen at any moment with no pre-warning. Jack just comes up to me, extends his paw to my arm and gently pulls. Jack wants a tummy rub. I comply. I don’t mind. In fact, it endears him to me even more, touching the part of my heart that oozes with love for him. I actually adore, as every loving pet owner does, doing what I know makes Jack happy. Sometimes, even if he isn’t asking, I give him a surprise tummy rub. Oh, what pleasure shines from his eyes.

During one recent tummy rubbing episode, I couldn’t help but think of that verse in Isaiah 55:1, “Is anyone thirsty? Come and drink — even if you have no money. Come, take your choice of wine or milk — it’s all free!”
There are even times when we don’t actually need something, but we want something. We can come to our Heavenly Father and just ask. Do you simply desire sweet joy of being in His presence? Just ask. Do you want inner peace? Just ask. Do you want courage? Just ask. Do you want guidance? Just ask. Do you want rest of mind? Just ask. Your Father loves to give because He loves helping you and making you happy. He gives you everything you need to get through anything at all for that very reason.

God adores making you smile with pleasure even more than I love doing the same for Jack. So, whatever you are thirsty for today — come to Jesus. Tell Him. Soak in His presence. He is there. He will be what you need — today and everyday.

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