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Scavenger Jack

Our sweet dog, Jack, is his own worst enemy. Next month he will be six years old. In that time we’ve taken him to the vet several times for tummy upsets. A year ago he was even in intensive care for four days! Why?… Continue Reading “Scavenger Jack”

Keeping The Line Open

When I first arrived to live in Central Asia, I had so much to learn about culture, language, and — using the phone!  It was a challenge to conquer.  In those early days, making and completing an international call was reason to celebrate. On… Continue Reading “Keeping The Line Open”

When Jack Went Deaf

Those of you who regularly read my Friday blog know I adore my dog, Jack.  We have such fun together on our walks, sometimes along a stretch of beach, sometimes through fields, and other times exploring wooded paths.  Yesterday we were enjoying walking around… Continue Reading “When Jack Went Deaf”

Lost and Found

Last week I got myself into a panic!  I own something that is very precious to me, which for a moment, I thought I had lost.  One item is a necklace that two people gave to me a few years ago.  Another item is… Continue Reading “Lost and Found”

As White As Snow

I kept looking out the window to see if  it was snowing.  Finally, at 10:00pm last night, I looked out and the world was white.  Beautiful!  I took our dog, Jack, outside.  It was like daylight because of the reflection of snow.  Everywhere we… Continue Reading “As White As Snow”

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