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Beauty of Restoration

Here in the UK there is a television program called, The Repair Shop. I find it fascinating. People bring in objects that have meant something to them over the years. Perhaps it was a childhood toy, now broken and in tatters. Perhaps it was… Continue Reading “Beauty of Restoration”

As White As Snow

I kept looking out the window to see if  it was snowing.  Finally, at 10:00pm last night, I looked out and the world was white.  Beautiful!  I took our dog, Jack, outside.  It was like daylight because of the reflection of snow.  Everywhere we… Continue Reading “As White As Snow”

Pearl Drops And A Tablespoon

I don’t suppose I’ll ever forget a time, many years ago now, when my oldest niece was five years old. We were all getting ready for bed. I was standing before my mirror dabbing pearl size drops of my night cream onto my face… Continue Reading “Pearl Drops And A Tablespoon”

Aaaaah — The Shower

It has been a good day; in fact, a most enjoyable day, but by the end of it a great wave of tiredness swept over me.  It was like, one minute I was full of energy, and the next I felt so weary I… Continue Reading “Aaaaah — The Shower”

Washing The House

In order to begin writing today’s blog entry, I looked up the dictionary definition of “pervasive.” It means: “an unwelcome influence or physical effect spreading widely through an area or a group of people.” What I was doing yesterday and today involved something that… Continue Reading “Washing The House”

It Looked Clear To Me

This past week, Sally, a friend here in the UK, collected my mother and me from the airport.  We had been aware of recent weather and of the current forecast — rain, rain, and more rain.  However, to the delight of us all, when… Continue Reading “It Looked Clear To Me”

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