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Best Gift Ever

When I was fifteen my family and I were living at Hickam Air Force Base in Hawaii. It so happened that our housing was just a block away from the golf course. I became intrigued at golfers coming and going. One day I walked… Continue Reading “Best Gift Ever”

A Flight With No Delays

Yesterday a dear friend from America arrived to visit us.  Mom and I love being tour guides.  We have our itinerary planned and look forward to showing her our UK world. When she arrived at the departure airport in America,  she sent a message… Continue Reading “A Flight With No Delays”

Washing The House

In order to begin writing today’s blog entry, I looked up the dictionary definition of “pervasive.” It means: “an unwelcome influence or physical effect spreading widely through an area or a group of people.” What I was doing yesterday and today involved something that… Continue Reading “Washing The House”

Because Of The Water

I visited my sister the other day, and she gave me a bouquet of red tulips. I gently laid them on the back seat of my car to take home. However, on the way I stopped somewhere for several hours. When I finally got… Continue Reading “Because Of The Water”

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