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“We don’t talk anymore.”

I read an article this week about a couple, married for over thirty years, who decided to separate. One of them remarked, “we don’t talk anymore.” Good and regular communication is vital to any relationship for it keeps the connection healthy. Irregular or abusive… Continue Reading ““We don’t talk anymore.””

Keeping The Line Open

When I first arrived to live in Central Asia, I had so much to learn about culture, language, and — using the phone!  It was a challenge to conquer.  In those early days, making and completing an international call was reason to celebrate. On… Continue Reading “Keeping The Line Open”

The Boy And The Mop

I heard a funny story this week about a young boy who was afraid of the dark.  It was late evening when the boy’s mother asked him to bring in the mop from the porch outside.  “It’s dark,” the boy said with a nervous… Continue Reading “The Boy And The Mop”

Prayers — A Heavenly Collection

Have you ever wondered if your prayers really do any good? Do they matter? Does God truly pay attention to what you pray? The resounding, joyful answer is an absolute — yes! One of the most beautiful reminders of this fact is recorded in… Continue Reading “Prayers — A Heavenly Collection”

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