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The Illusionist

Recently I was reading an article about an illusionist. The journalist interviewing him tried to ply him for the secret of a certain illusion. Of course, the entertainer was not going to reveal his methods. Such a revelation would ruin his act. Many years… Continue Reading “The Illusionist”

Tilly Tinker

I’ve known Tilly Tinker for the whole of her twelve years. She’s a pug, yorkie, poodle cross with sandy colored, tousled fur. A few years ago she had surgery to remove an eye. In recent weeks she has lost sight in her other eye.… Continue Reading “Tilly Tinker”

The Happy Calf

The solid black calf with a white face is the cutest thing as my mother and I watch it daily frolicking about.  His happiness shows with his running circles around his mother or racing ahead as the herd goes marching on.  This was not… Continue Reading “The Happy Calf”

Happiness This Christmas and Always

This past week, for so many in the the US, unprecedented tornadoes brought destruction, grief, and sorrow. Many of us watched the news reports with tears in our eyes, hurting for those who had lost loved ones, their homes, and their livelihoods. It was… Continue Reading “Happiness This Christmas and Always”

The Bird That Landed On My Head

It had rained in the night.  Our dog, Jack, and I were taking our first walk of the day.  It was still dark; a time of day appreciated for its quietness, our footsteps led by the pale light of nearby lampposts.  Thoughts of the… Continue Reading “The Bird That Landed On My Head”

The Scary Washing Machine

My washing machine is one that fits under the counter in my kitchen.  The kitchen is also where Jack finds his food and water bowls.  Both bowls are kept clean and fresh to take care of his hunger and thirst needs.  Throughout the day… Continue Reading “The Scary Washing Machine”

Happiness Vs. Joy

There is a game that Kyrgyz children play in which they use the dried vertebrae of sheep.  The children squat in a circle on the ground and take turns rolling or throwing these vertebrae much like one rolls dice.  Each bone is shiny from… Continue Reading “Happiness Vs. Joy”

In Everything Gives Thanks?

Yesterday in America, Thanksgiving Day was being celebrated across the nation.  For many it’s their favorite holiday.  It’s a day set aside each year to specifically take the time to be thankful for the blessings in our lives.  Yesterday, I was particularly reflecting on… Continue Reading “In Everything Gives Thanks?”

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