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This past week I watched a television news brief about a new 3-D image of the Titanic. Several cameras were sent around this once magnificent ship. As a result, an accurate image is now transposed for us to see it as it is now,… Continue Reading “Unsinkable”

The Queen Meets The King

Yesterday the entire world heard the news that Queen Elizabeth II passed away. The United Kingdom and the Commonwealth are now in mourning as its people reflect upon her life and anticipate the sad day of her funeral. There are many things to be… Continue Reading “The Queen Meets The King”

I Hope You Know Him

Last night I walked outside and looked up.  I love living in the countryside because the stars appear brighter stretched across a black velvet sky.  There were so many;  each one twinkling in brilliance. Then the thoughts came flooding in:  Jesus is the author… Continue Reading “I Hope You Know Him”

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