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Like A Tulip

My mother loves tulips. What a joy we shared together a few years ago when we made a trip to Holland just to see the fields of tulips. The colors were magnificent! Just yesterday, a dear friend gave my mother and I a bouquet… Continue Reading “Like A Tulip”


This past week I watched a television news brief about a new 3-D image of the Titanic. Several cameras were sent around this once magnificent ship. As a result, an accurate image is now transposed for us to see it as it is now,… Continue Reading “Unsinkable”

The Queen Meets The King

Yesterday the entire world heard the news that Queen Elizabeth II passed away. The United Kingdom and the Commonwealth are now in mourning as its people reflect upon her life and anticipate the sad day of her funeral. There are many things to be… Continue Reading “The Queen Meets The King”

Accepting The Invitation

Recently, I was the guest speaker at a large church. Beforehand a delicious dinner was served. There was a cost to pay in order to eat. However, I was with the one who had invited me. Therefore, I did not have to pay. I… Continue Reading “Accepting The Invitation”

Why is ‘good friday’ good?

The execution is recorded in John 19. Jesus was whipped with a lead-tipped throng of leather straps until the flesh on his back lay open. Thorns, twisted into the shape of a crown, were pushed into his head. He was made to carry His… Continue Reading “Why is ‘good friday’ good?”

Receiving Roses

Last week a beautiful surprise arrived at the door; a huge bouquet of long stemmed roses, yellow with tinges of orange.  They were sent unexpectedly by a friend in Italy; an act of kindness filled with affection.  All through the week as I glanced… Continue Reading “Receiving Roses”

A Very Quick Flight

I’ve had the joy and excitement of traveling on so many airplanes that I truly can no longer give an accurate count of the number of flights taken.  Each one has its own story.  There have been times when flights were delayed, twice when… Continue Reading “A Very Quick Flight”

Out Of This World

I read a snippet of an article this week which caught my attention.  Desiring to share it on my blog I searched for the name of the author who wrote the piece but it was no where to be found.  So, with that information,… Continue Reading “Out Of This World”

When Bad Things Happen

The young girl lay in her bed and tried to think but thoughts were all jumbled.  Nothing seemed to settle into anything clear.  How would she tell her parents?  They were both so full of love for her; so devoted to God.  What would… Continue Reading “When Bad Things Happen”

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