Tag: Revelation 21:4

Accepting The Invitation

Recently, I was the guest speaker at a large church. Beforehand a delicious dinner was served. There was a cost to pay in order to eat. However, I was with the one who had invited me. Therefore, I did not have to pay. I… Continue Reading “Accepting The Invitation”

Not As Good As…..

Maintaining a healthy self esteem is a battle at times for all of us.  Our arch enemy, Satan, understands how important a low self esteem is to bring us down.  He does not want you to be happy, peaceful, or successful. Never forget that… Continue Reading “Not As Good As…..”

Rounding The Last Corner

Every morning by 6:00am our dog, Jack, and I are out the door to greet the day.  I love the feel of the morning coolness touching my face.  Jack never tires of this walk even though it’s the same route day after day.  We… Continue Reading “Rounding The Last Corner”

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