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What Happened in the Lion’s Den?

Always Say, “Thank You.”

It was an early evening walk around the neighborhood with my dog, Jack. As we passed one house after another, I noticed ahead a group of people coming out the front door. A woman handed a little girl something. She took it. The mother… Continue Reading “Always Say, “Thank You.””

Growing Faith

Remember the story of Jesus’ disciples when they were all in a boat and got caught in a storm?  It’s recorded in Luke 8.  We read that the disciples were terrified; therefore, since several of them were experienced fishermen, we can assume that this… Continue Reading “Growing Faith”

To Be Set Free

I was walking our dog when thoughts of fish came to mind.  We were walking around a little lake near my home.  It’s filled with fish in the water and birds nesting on the banks.  I love this little lake with trees overhanging and… Continue Reading “To Be Set Free”

The Joy Of God’s Sovereignty

Like many, I love the Psalms. It is a treasure chest of comfort and encouragement. This week I was reading in Psalm 115. When I came to verse 3 my heart quickened in excitement. I read the words, “For our God is in the… Continue Reading “The Joy Of God’s Sovereignty”

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