The Angry Dog

The other day as our dog, Jack, and I were walking through fields and tree lined pathways, another dog appeared. He and Jack stood staring at each other, not a muscle rippling or an eyelid blinking. Finally, Jack broke into a run, going close to the other dog, then circling wide. The other dog took exception to this, branding it an attack. He retaliated, chasing and growling ferociously. The other dog’s owner called his dog, and I called Jack. We both waved at each other amicably and went in opposite directions. Within minutes, the angry dog appeared through a bush and the growling, from both now, ensued. Once again, dogs were called and we parted in opposite directions. Can you believe these unwanted meetings happened three or four more times in unsuspected places?

As Jack and I finished our adventurous walk, getting in the car to make our way back home, I thought of our arch enemy, Satan, and his demonic army. They are relentless in attack, sometimes sneaking up on us unawares, while at other times jumping out in full view to block our path of walking with God. They are always angry; always lying. Sometimes they sneak attack from behind a bush of seemingly innocent temptation. Often they lurk in trees of doubt, shaking our limbs of faith in attempt to knock us over, shaming us with taunts of our own cowardice and weakness. They boldly charge forward with mind attacks to our beliefs, our skills, our personality and sense of self worth. We don’t always know where they are, but they are there skulking about, seeking ways to “steal, and kill, and destroy,” as we are warned in John 10:10. If the enemy can demolish our joy, peace, and courage found in Jesus, then he feels he has won.

We are human with many frailties; therefore, we sometimes lose a skirmish, but we need never believe the lie that victory is unattainable. Our Heavenly Father has given us the tools we need to overcome the attacks of the enemy. First, He has given us His Word which never fails. It is truth. It provides comfort and guidance. Second, He gives us an open-door policy to communicate with Him. When we are under attack, we may immediately “call upon Him,” knowing of a certainly that He “will answer and show us great and mighty things that we do not yet know.” That wonderful promise is found in Jeremiah 33:3. Third, we may partake in the joyful ecstasy of worship. Our arch enemy and his demonic army quake when they see a child of God studying His Word, praying to Him for strength and guidance, and worshiping before Him.

The Word, prayer, and worship. Powerful tools to send the enemy running. Oh, he will come back. He will plan another sneak attach from behind some bush of worry, but when we use our tools, he must go away again, and again, and again. Remember, don’t leave out even one of your tools. The Word, prayer and worship; one without the other is like food without full flavor. We need all of them to be fully strengthened for any enemy attack.

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