Next Time

It’s Friday! I usually put my blog out in the morning but today there has been a delay — a wonderful delay. My niece is visiting from America and we’ve enjoyed having her so much. Sadly, this is her last day. We’ve been doing some last day sightseeing. Several times today we’ve all talked about her next visit. “Let’s do this next time,” Emma said. “We can go to that place next time,” says my mother. “Next time we’ll do this, too,” I add. We’re all already looking forward to next time when Emma comes back again.

We humans can dream and plan, but in reality, no one knows for certain if we have tomorrow. Even so, it’s fun to hope and imagine. This has reminded me of the One we know; Jesus, who has also told us that He will come again. He left earth, conquering death, offering forgiveness of any sin, and a promise of eternal life with Him. He even promised to come again.

We surely hope Emma can come again. We look forward to that moment with joyful anticipation. We don’t have to merely hope that Jesus will come again. It’s already a certainty. For all who know Him, He will be a delightful sight to behold. To all who know Him, we will live in a place of no more tears or sorrow. We will not experience fear or uncertainty or sadness or gloom. All will be perfect, full of joy as we have never known before. It’s a promise to all who know Him. “Call upon me,” His Word tells us us in Jeremiah 33:3, “and I will show you great and mighty things that you don’t yet know.”

I hope Emma is able to come again; but I know Jesus will. I surely hope you know Him, too. The next time He comes, for all who know Him, the joy will be ecstatic! I can hardly wait till next time.

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