Taste a Little

My parents once told me a story of when they first married. Dad told Mom that he didn’t eat “green things.” Mom just said, “taste a little.” She cooked broccoli, turnip greens, etc. Dad would taste a little. He told me it wasn’t long at all before he was eating “green things” and loving it. What he hadn’t wanted to bother about, he found to be delicious and craved more.

Over the years I’ve had Christians admit to me, “I don’t read my Bible a lot, but I pray, listen to worship songs, etc. because there’s so much about the Bible I don’t understand.” I always try to encourage them to read because mainly, God tells us to do so. It may seem a daunting task. Apostle Peter understood this. Perhaps that’s why he said in I Peter 2:2, “As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the Word, that you may grow.” (NLT) In other words, taste a little. You may think you won’t understand but don’t underestimate the teaching of the Holy Spirit within you. You may think it boring in places (some tell me the Old Testament is boring to them) but again, don’t underestimate the Holy Spirit. He can and will make the truths on every page come to the light of your understanding and joy.

God’s Word instructs us to read, but then it tells us why — “that you may grow.” What grows within us when we read God’s Word? We grow in our faith, trusting Father to take care of us in our most perilous of situations. We grow inner peace that comes only from God Himself. This is not any peace the world gives; it is a Holy peace of God, transcending all human understanding. We grow joy that is not snuffed out even in the darkest, most troubling moments of our lives. When we obey God, “hiding His Word in our heart,” (Psalm 119:11) then we grow in holiness ourselves, desiring not to willingly sin, and being quick to seek His forgiveness when we do, so that lost joy returns. When we pay attention to God’s love letter to us, we grow in our own love toward Him, cherishing the private moments of our alone time in His presence, listening as the Holy Spirit speaks words of love to us.

Never forget, obedience brings blessings. Your Heavenly Father has instructed us to taste His Word so we may grow. When we obey, the blessings are abundant. May you feast today on His Word and enjoy the banquet of joy, peace, love, courage, and holiness that grow as a result.

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