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Muddy Jack

It had been one of those lovely wooded walks, completed with unexpected rainfall and muddy puddles. Our dog Jack was all smiles as he zoomed one way, back another, jumping over logs, attempting to drag a few home, and never missing any opportunity to… Continue Reading “Muddy Jack”

A Matter of Washing Your Feet

Happiness often seems to allude us.  There are all sorts of things or situations that we know makes us happy:  vacation time, reading a good book, watching a favorite old film, coffee with a friend, working on your hobby, plus a whole lot more.… Continue Reading “A Matter of Washing Your Feet”

Saving Dust And Dirt

Isn’t it aggravating how quickly dust returns to our window sills, table surfaces, and let’s not mention dust covered ornaments!  We dust one day and in just a few days times, sometimes even the very next day, those unwanted, dirty particles have come back… Continue Reading “Saving Dust And Dirt”

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