A Matter of Washing Your Feet

Happiness often seems to allude us.  There are all sorts of things or situations that we know makes us happy:  vacation time, reading a good book, watching a favorite old film, coffee with a friend, working on your hobby, plus a whole lot more.  There is much in this physical world to make us happy, but how do we remain happy in our spiritual worlds?

Do you remember those times when the presence of God was so sweet?  Perhaps you were worshipping through song; the notes rising and falling, creating a swell of delight in your innermost being, the words probing thoughts of intimacy with the One you love so much.  Maybe His presence seemed closest as you were walking alone with Him in the beautiful nature He created.  Such moments may have come while reading something in His Word that gave a needed direction, or a reminder of His infinite love for you.  Those moments are strengthening in courage, faith building, sweet in fellowship.  We adore those moments — but they don’t seem to last.  Why?

It could be a matter of washing your feet.  You remember the story of Jesus when He washed His disciples feet?  It’s recorded in John 13.  The disciples were astonished and probably a little embarrassed that they had not thought to wash Jesus’ feet.  It was culturally good behavior in that time and place to wash the feet of one’s visitors.  You see, everyone wore sandals, and roads were dusty.  Therefore, the washing of one’s feet upon arrival was refreshing for the guest and a good idea for the host in keeping the home clean.

The disciples felt badly that they had not thought to be so kind as to wash the feet of Jesus, but Jesus took the opportunity to teach a spiritual lesson.  You see, when any of us comes to Jesus, believing that He came to die on the cross to pay for our sins, and asks His forgiveness, He cleanses us from all sin — a Holy bath.  Then, by the Holy Spirit, He takes up residence in our lives.  We are spiritually born again.  “This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person.  The old life is gone; a new life has begun!”  II Corinthians 5:17  We are forgiven and clean; however, we still live in a sinful world.  In other words, as we walk through the days of our lives, we get our feet dirty.  We don’t need another bath, but as we walk in the world, being tempted by and succumbing to its sinful lure, we need to have our feet washed.

As soon as we know our feet need to be washed; ask Father, with a heart of true repentance, for His forgiveness.  He will immediately wash your dirty feet, restoring your joy once again in the sweetness of His forever forgiveness and love.  There is a level of  intimacy with Jesus that one can never fully attain without understanding — the matter of washing your feet.

Saving Dust And Dirt

Isn’t it aggravating how quickly dust returns to our window sills, table surfaces, and let’s not mention dust covered ornaments!  We dust one day and in just a few days times, sometimes even the very next day, those unwanted, dirty particles have come back again!

It’s the same with our carpets and floors.  We may or may not wipe our feet before entering the house, but it doesn’t matter; it takes hardly any time at all before we see hints of dirt gathering.  Out comes the vacuum cleaner and we do our task of sucking up the dirt.  We spend countless hours of our lives, which would add into months, of dust wiping and dirt vacuuming.  It’s not the most pleasant task, but we certainly wouldn’t want to leave it undone, letting dirt pile up!

If we are set on cleaning up our physical worlds, why then do we so readily neglect cleaning up our spiritual worlds?  No one is perfect.  We all behave badly at various times in our lives.  We all open our mouths and insert feet!  Our lives become tainted with sin.  Oh, what an ugly word!  I wonder if the very word itself is why we so often try to ignore it.  Perhaps we tell ourselves, if we ignore the sin, maybe it will just drift away, but that is not so.  Ignoring the dirt in our lives will just pile up like the neglected carpet we fail to vacuum.

Our heavenly Father has made a way for us to get rid of the dust and dirt in our lives.  He loves providing us with means to stay clean.  It’s recorded in I John 1:9, “If we confess our sins to Him, He is faithful and just to forgive us and to cleanse us from every wrong.”  Isn’t that the most wonderful promise?  God does not lie.  The verse says He cleans us from every wrong!

Think of the dust and dirt that may have piled up in your life.  Maybe you’ve tried to sweep it under the carpet of excuses.  Maybe you’ve tried to brush it over onto someone else who “made you do it.”  Remember this: there are no excuses we can give to God.  The only thing we can do to remain clean is to confess the misdeeds before Him.

Someone once told me that they get embarrassed, even before God, to confess  their sins.  I can understand that feeling.  I could not begin to count the times I’ve come to God with the ghastly feeling of — I’ve blown it again!  However, when I do come, when I do admit the wrong I have done, the cleansing of heart and mind  is instantaneous!  Oh, does it feel good!

Saving up the dust and dirt in our lives will never, even one time, make us feel good all over.  Go ahead, bring your dirt to your heavenly Father.  Let Him do His holy vacuuming in your heart.  You will only regret not having come to Him sooner.