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The Case Of The Chair – Not There?

It was only last week that my mother and I had been in a store that sold curtains, sheet sets, and furniture.  As we walked around the store and through the furniture section, my mother saw a reclining swivel chair with footstool.  She sits… Continue Reading “The Case Of The Chair – Not There?”

It Started With A Peppermint

Today was a day for running errands; lots of errands, things that just couldn’t wait any longer.  My mother and I set off and began fulfilling the things on our to-do list.  One of our errands included a time of waiting, and waiting, and… Continue Reading “It Started With A Peppermint”

In the Boathouse

I love driving through the countryside of southeast Alabama.  It’s a land of gentle, rolling hills, and vast fields — this time of year either white with cotton, or being home to cattle grazing.  Rivers run through the land, and fish-filled lakes and ponds… Continue Reading “In the Boathouse”

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