Tag: Isaiah 26:3

Being Treated Unfairly

Probably everyone who has ever lived has been treated unfairly. Perhaps you have been falsely accused of something. Maybe someone cheated you. You might have been the subject of gossip; the truth of a matter twisted into lies. Being treated unfairly never feels good.… Continue Reading “Being Treated Unfairly”

The Rest Of The Story

My body.  My choice.  My rights.  My way.  The whole world is looking out for their own selves to the detriment of kindness and respect for one another.  Everywhere we look the attitude is me, me, and more of me.  Selfishness has taken over. … Continue Reading “The Rest Of The Story”

One Thing After Another

Do you remember those periods of time when nothing goes right?  You walk in one direction and the sky of all things possible produces storm clouds that pour torrents of dashed dreams on your parade. You make a turn and fall into a ravine… Continue Reading “One Thing After Another”

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