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When Your Enemy is at The Door

Condition of the Heart

Physically, the heart must be in good working order for the body to flourish. When the body has a faulty heart, it affects that body in negative ways. I have a mitral valve prolapse. At times, I feel pain. When this happens, I know… Continue Reading “Condition of the Heart”

Remember To Forget

I read an article this week by Dr. Rexella Van Impe which both blessed and challenged me. Therefore, I want to share some of those thoughts with you now. She was considering the things about God that we need to remember: His promises, His… Continue Reading “Remember To Forget”

In Times of Testing

Have you ever wondered why God tests us?  In my younger years I couldn’t make sense of it.  It seemed unfair and unkind to me.  Even so, I chose to trust God, hoping that one day I might understand.  I made a choice not… Continue Reading “In Times of Testing”

A Matter Of The Heart

It’s a trait of human nature to compare ourselves with others.  Disappointingly, there are those who feel themselves superior, perhaps because of wealth or business prowess, or skill.  Sadly, there are those who feel themselves as insignificant.  They look at others around them, see… Continue Reading “A Matter Of The Heart”

The Gatekeeper

Not long ago a friend said she wanted to show me a beautiful lake.  As we walked along we passed by a  children’s fun park.  We could see over the walls that there was a maze, a petting zoo, and stalls for winning prizes.… Continue Reading “The Gatekeeper”

Do You Want To?

Have you ever thought about why God gave us the ten commandments?  I mean, surely He knew that no one could ever keep them all.  “Thou shalt not covet,” or “Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain,” or… Continue Reading “Do You Want To?”

When Your World Gets Noisy

Doesn’t the world get noisy at times, loudly shouting out that — burdens are heavy, situations are out of our control, people are demanding what we cannot give, work grows more stressful. Our once peaceful world suddenly spins uncontrollably, and in our heart of… Continue Reading “When Your World Gets Noisy”

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