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the Beatitudes – #8 in series

Wars Of Darkness And Light

There comes moments in all of our lives when we feel a need to get away and rest.  We may call it a time to chill out or to recharge ourselves.  It comes when we feel tired from our work, perhaps stressed from the… Continue Reading “Wars Of Darkness And Light”

Intense Desire

I looked up the word “passion” in the dictionary.  The definition is: having an intense desire or enthusiasm for something.  The reason I looked up the official meaning of the word is because of a verse I came across this week that touched something… Continue Reading “Intense Desire”

Giving God The Broom — Again!

This week I decided to tackle cleaning the back porch.  It was truly a mess!  In fairness, I must say that we’ve been having some work done on the house, so naturally there was dust and debris, a few tools and empty caulking tubes… Continue Reading “Giving God The Broom — Again!”

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