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The City of God

Shading Our Eyes

Spring and Summer in England has been exceptionally warm and beautiful this year. Often when I’ve been out walking with my dog, Jack, I’ve had to be certain to have my sunglasses. Earlier this week, it was again a day of bright sunshine, but… Continue Reading “Shading Our Eyes”

An Enemy Within

Coughing, sneezing, sniffing, snorting.  It’s a seemingly endless onslaught upon the senses. Syrups, tablets, and vitamin C are the losing defence.  Sleepless nights, waking moments a struggle.  Physical strength drained, inner resolve gone.  It is the attack of — the common cold.  Logically we… Continue Reading “An Enemy Within”

Earning The Medal

Like so many, I am an avid tennis fan.  I can’t play worth beans.  When I’ve tried playing, I have no control of the ball to the point that when I hit it, it goes way past the opponent and on and on and… Continue Reading “Earning The Medal”

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