Tag: Psalm 46:1

Who’s watching your back?

Our dog, Jack, loves a good game of chase, but not every dog wants to join in the game. One day this week Jack was running up to dogs, enticing them to chase. A few entered into the fun, but one dog, a large… Continue Reading “Who’s watching your back?”

Jack In the Bush

It was a beautiful sunny day along England’s south coast.  Jack and I were enjoying our daily outing to his playground; he trotting along in sniffing enjoyment, while I was content with nature’s warmth on my face.  Jack often runs ahead or lags behind,… Continue Reading “Jack In the Bush”

A Train Set On Christmas Morning

For some reason today, my thoughts were recalling Christmases of long ago.  In particular I remembered one exciting Christmas morning when a very special gift was waiting for me beneath the tree. When I was a little girl I was a real tomboy.  I… Continue Reading “A Train Set On Christmas Morning”

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