Tag: Romans 10:13

Ever Watching

It was growing dusk.  When I left the house in the late afternoon I believed I would be home before dark.  Now a gray cloak was dropping from the sky.  By the time I pulled into the drive, darkness covered the earth.  As I… Continue Reading “Ever Watching”

Days of Winter

I enjoy all the seasons, but something about winter I could do without, is the shorter days. When we begin closing the curtains at 4:00pm I feel like I need to go to bed soon. However, on a positive note, because the days are… Continue Reading “Days of Winter”

Running Through Puddles

The U.K. has been having some consistently warm, and even record breaking hot weather.  Last week, after the hottest day so far this summer, we had a day of cloud and rain.  It was a welcome relief.  My dog, Jack, and I, got in… Continue Reading “Running Through Puddles”

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